[Solved] How to use Debug Tool? Free Anop English Typing Tutor

How to use Debug Tool in Anop English Typing Tutor 

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                        As all of you know that your favorite English Typing Tutor Software "Anop English Typing Tutor" is a freeware tool to learn typing in English and you can learn Typing in English in a simple way just install and start practice. An Activation mechanism is also involved with this due to encouraging the user to maximize the involvement of users in terms of Time and the balance between the Time required in the learning process of Typing and efforts made by users. more details are available here.

In Anop English Typing Tutor version 1.0 an error "Fake Version Parameters Found" is shown sometimes when users reinstall the application or doing some non-perform-able things with core files like try to use the setup as portable or etc.

If you are getting this Error "Don't Worry". You should use the Debug Tool to resolve this issue.
The download link of the Debug Tool is as follows. Kindly download the desired Debug Tool as per your Operating System installed on your PC.

Anop English Typing Tutor - Debug Tool FREE DOWNLOAD

Platform Option Size Format
Windows  Download 256 KB RAR
Password: "anop"

Steps: How to use Debug Tool to resolve "Fake Version Parameters Found" -

        Download the Debug Tool from the above link and extract your files into some directory as you want. after extracting the launch of the File named "DebugTool-AnopEnglishTypingTutor-winX.exe". 
{X - maybe 7, 8, 10 for respective version Windows}

          After Clicking on the above file, you will get the following Window - 
If you have installed the Anop English Typing Tutor in the System Default Directory. This tool will automatically find the installation path of Anop English Typing Tutor as seen in the following  Figure 01.

           If the Installation Directory path of Anop English Typing Tutor is not scanned automatically kindly give the path of root Directory of installation till "Anop English Typing Tutor 1.0" directory as per figure 02

             After the Setting path of the installation directory, Simple Click on the "Generate D-code" as per figure 01.

After Clicking on "Generate D-Code", you will get D-Code as "XXXXXXXXX" {X - Any Number}. Now Click on "Find Online [Free]" to get your Activation code.
When you click on "Find Online[Free]", 
(Only This Step require Internet Connectivity at the Time of Activation)
A browser window open with the following URL -

Figure 04 - Anop English Typing Tutor: Generation of Activation Code by using D-Code

Now Copy-Paste or Type your D-Code into the Text box and click on the "Generate Now" button and you will get the "Activation Code".

Finally, put the Activation Code into the Debug Tool and click on "Debug Now". Thus your Debugging is complete. Now you can use a Fresh Copy of Anop English Typing Tutor completely free as shown in the following Figure.

Figure 05 - Anop English Typing Tutor: Final Step of Debugging using Debug Tool

Thanks for your kind Support and Interest in Anop English Typing Tutor.