About Us

What is Typing?          

Input the Text data into Computer called "Typing". Typing is the necessary skill inside the world of Computer Literacy. So It should be preferable that all of the computer users should have a Good or Average Typing Speed.

The need for Typing Skills?

Typing in English or Hindi is an essential qualification in many competitive examinations as well as some Government/ Private sector Jobs. For Example - Information Assistant, SSC LDC Clerk, Bank job, Data Entry Jobs. In these types of Job Profile, the Typing skills are mandatory with a Good Typing Speed.
That's why we should encourage our children and youngsters from an early age to practice Typing in any one of the ordinary Languages like English or Hindi etc. which will be helpful for them in near future in any of the ways.
Other than the Job oriented perspective a person can learn Hindi and English Typing with his own interest also. As we also know that Hindi and English Languages are used by a large number of people. Thus if you know Typing in Hindi or English Language you can convey your thoughts in the Computer world.

Anop English Typing Tutor | Anop Hindi Typing Tutor

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor and Anop English Typing Tutor are developed as complete Freeware Desktop Application Tool to learn Typing in Hindi and English Languages respectively. These Typing Tutor Software help users in building the speed of Typing and development of the muscle memory related to character mapping of Hindi and English Languages Characters with Ethical Words. After Practice on these Typing Tutor Software, users can understand the corresponding mapping of Language Characters with suitable Fingers which help users in Typing without looking at Keyboard.

Access of Anop Typing Tutor

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor and Anop English Typing Tutor can be used in any way either offline mode by installing in Laptop and Personal Computer or via online mode through this website.

How Anop Typing Tutor Works?

Typing in English or Hindi is not a tough task. Typing Skills can be developed in a few days if user practice regularly. At the starting of practice, the user may get dismal. So we have tried to overcome this situation in Anop Typing Tutors of Hindi and English by using systematic Lesson Plan and meaningful words during the learning of Typing in Hindi and English.
After Completing the Lesson Plan user can move to the Typing Tests available in Anop Hindi Typing Tutor and Anop English Typing Tutor Software. Typing Tests help in the evaluation of Typing Skills.   
    Today, there are many online tools available to learn Typing in Hindi and English. But they need an Internet connection with faster speed and if you do not have a good Internet connection or you live in rural areas, you cannot use them. So we have created Tools Anop Typing Tutor Software for the persons who want to learn Hindi and English Typing in off-line mode also which is Free.
    As a Summary, Wishing all of you the “Best of Luck” for your examination and if your examination has a typing round of Hindi or English Typing, you should use “Anop Hindi Typing Tutor” and “Anop English Typing Tutor” as Freeware Typing Tutor Solution software for Laptop and PC also.
      Your Suggestions and Ideas are required and hearty requested for the refinement of this project. Please post bugs and problems facing you in Typing Practices. So that it can be removed or improve in the next version release.