Anop Hindi Typing Tutor : Why Activation Needed?

Dear User !!!

                  All of you know that Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is a freeware typing tutor which is used in learning the Typing in Hindi completely FREE with Online and Offline mode.

             Typing practice and learning Typing in any Language (i.e. Typing in Hindi) is a very tedious and Time taking process. Which requires passion and continuity of involved user. If some one is preparing for Some Typing Test Exam or Job Seeking opportunity. Then Typing Practice and Learning process should be punctual and regular. 

                 Once user learn the Basic Key mapping or In other words we can say that Fingers of a user have developed enough Muscle Memory successfully. he/she should practice Free Article of Typing in Hindi to check his/her status of Typing Practice.

Tip - It is more important that your Fingers remember the keys not your eyes. So Practice in such way that you will not see on keyboard once you have complete your all Tutorials and Tests available in Free Anop Hindi Typing Tutor.

We have designed this Software for you with enough Time Slot enabled. Which always tends your conscious mind to practice more and more in single session. This process encourages users to complete "Tutorials" and "Tests" tasks as soon as possible which are available in Anop Hindi Typing Tutor. Anop Hindi Typing Tutor provides users to Login 30 Times in single Time slot.

If user needs some more efforts or want to practice more. he/she can easily re-enable or Active the Anop Hindi Typing Tutor Software Completely Free. [Click Here]

Main motive of this Process to inspire the conscious mind of user to be practice more and more in a single session when he/she sit for learning the Typing in Hindi and user creates the muscle memory in his/her fingers as fast as possible.

So Keep in Mind -
  • Keys should be remember by your Fingers Not by Eyes.
  • Practice more and more in Single Sitting because When you exercise normally Last lift (for example - 100th Lift) of dumbbell is most beneficial. This is all about the muscle memory creation for your fingers.
  • Increase The Typing Practice Time day by day. It means that practice around 30 minutes then take some walk exercise your hand as well as fingers for 1-2 minutes and again start the Typing Practice session.
  • When you are in learning phase, Do not compare your speed or accuracy with some one deeply, take it as motivation only. . Keep practicing the Typing in Hindi. 

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