[SOLVED] Error : "Fake Version Parameters Found"

   Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is a freeware Typing Tutor tool to learn Typing in Hindi Language using devlys font style. After the suggestion and valuable comments on the previous release of Anop Hindi Typing Tutor, the Latest Release of Anop Hindi Typing Tutor 2.0 is launched for users to be practice and start learning Hindi Typing.
   In this version 2.0 of Anop Hindi Typing Tutor an error "Fake Version Parameters Found" is shown sometimes when users reinstall the application or doing some non-perform-able things with core files of Anop Hindi Typing Tutor.
  If you are getting this Error continuously then don't worry.

After installation of the Debug Tool, you will get these files.

> DebugTool-AnopHindiTypingTutor2.exe
Launch this Tool you will get the following Screen

Anop Hindi Typing Debug Tool : Free Download
Anop Hindi Typing Debug Tool: Free Download

If you have installed the Anop Hindi Typing Tutor at the different locations rather than default location "C:\Program Files (x86)\Anop Hindi Typing Tutor\Anop Hindi Typing Tutor 2.0\".  Set installation Directory of Anop Hindi Typing Tutor 2.0, if you are using the default location then Debug Tool automatically scans the directory and required files [No action Needed].

Click on the "Generate D-Code" button to generate your Debug-Code and then Click on the "Find Online[Free]" button to search the "Activation Code". this is completely free of cost and required Internet Connection to navigate this Page.

Anop Hindi Typing Debug Tool : Online Activation Code [Free]
Anop Hindi Typing Debug Tool: Online Activation Code [Free]

[Step :3]
After navigating this Debug-Page URL you can generate the Activation Code of your desired "D-Code".
If the Activation Code generated by the Page is not Work then Please Generate once again New Activation Code to debug. If you have tried many times and not getting success to generate Activation Code then drop an email on "anopchaksu@gmail.com" with your "D-Code = XXXXXX".

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