Learn Hindi Typing Easily Step by Step [Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - Lesson 15]

Step:- 1 - Placement of Fingers in Home Row during the Typing in Hindi

           Place your both the hands as shown in figure(place in 3rd row). For Typing in Hindi users should place his finger from second button of Middle (3)row i.e., place left little finger on "S" button and so on...

Left Little finger -      "s" button
Left Ring finger -       "d" button
Left Middle finger -    "f" button
Left Index finger -       "g" button
Left Thumb -                "Space Bar" button

Right Little finger -        "QUOTE('/")" button
Right Ring finger -        "COLON(;/:)"  button
Right Middle finger -     "l" button 
Right Index finger -        "k" button
Right Thumb -               "Space Bar" button

Step:- 2 Keep the Hands in Relaxed posture as you find suitable << Free Online Hindi Typing >>
Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - Lesson 15
Step:- 3 Now you can start Lesson 15 of Anop Hindi Typing Tutor. In this lesson software provides the words related to the following letter of Hindi Language as below -

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - Lesson 15

Step:- 4 Now Start the Lesson and Try to type the letter/Word which Appears on The Top Side of "Anop Hindi Typing Tutor" with the Help of on-screen Hindi Keyboard .

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - Lesson 15
Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - Lesson 15

Indicators of Anop Hindi Typing Tutor
 In On-Screen Keyboard = Letter to be Typed colored as - Skyblue
 In Upper Side of Source Text Box =  Letter to be Typed colored as - Red

if user input is correct then associated key color will be Yellow 
otherwise, Red Color key press shown in the display of on-screen keyboard.

Step:- 5 Anop Hindi Typing Tutor enforce user to input correct letter so that user can learn the associated key with letter. Try all of the words provided by the software one by one to learn Hindi Typing. To learn the Hindi Typing you should practice lesson more than one. once you achieve a good speed result of current lesson. move to the next lesson.
To check your speed you can end a lesson in the mid session also.

Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - Lesson 15
Speed Indicators
  • A+ = Very Good Speed (Expert)
  • A = Good Speed (Proficient)
  • B+ = Intermediate Speed
  • B = Starter Speed
  • C+ = Novice Speed
  • C  = Learner Speed
Step:- 6 Practice on Regular basis at least 45 Min - 60 Min daily to built a good Hindi Typing Speed.

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