[Solved] How to prepare for Hindi Typing Exam ?

[Solved] How to prepare for Hindi Typing Exam?

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          Today, I am going to discuss the key-point which is based on " How to prepare for Hindi Typing Exam ?". As you know that Typing is a skill that you can enhance by practice only. It does not have a short cut. you should have to pay attention to practice in such a way that It covers all keyboard mapping.
         There are both the ways for the preparation of Typing in Hindi

  • Without using any kind of Software
  • With using Typing Tutor Software

Both of the methods are beneficial in certain/different conditions.

    Without using any kind of Software - If you want to learn Typing in Hindi without any kind of software. you can use the following steps.

    Step 1. Choose your Keyboard Layout (Typing in Hindi can be done in either "Devlys/Kurti Dev" Script or "Inscript/Mangal" Script etc.). This Typing keyboard layout maybe mentions in Typing Examination Notifications. otherwise, It could be on user choice during the typing exam.
    for example, "Devlys/Kurti Dev" Script uses the keyboard layout and Paste this on the wall in front of your computer system or put it near to your keyboard.

    Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - How to prepare for Hindi Typing without software

    Step 2. Download the desired font, which is used in your Hindi Typing.
    for example Download Devlys 010 font click here.

    Step 3. Open Text Editor(Recommended - Ms-Word) and choose your desired Hindi font (see the figure)

    Step 4. Now, Take a NEWS paper or General Knowledge notes (Recommended, so that you can target both the aim simultaneously) and Try to type the letters with the help of the Keyboard layout. In the starting, It takes much more time to Type a short Typing matter. But do not worry, keep practice some hours. After that try to remember the "Finger" which is using to input a particular "Letter". It's important because if want to attain a good Hindi Typing Speed. It is necessary that you should type the Hindi without seeing the Keyboard.
    Please do not calculate the speed of typing until you are typing without the help of the keyboard. It may demoralize you.
    After practice of some sort of Hour. When you are typing the Hindi at running speed. Its time to calculate the speed. 
    For calculation of Speed. Kindly monitor the Time in Task-bar of Computer or use the Mobile Stop Watch application. Start the Timer and Type the Text matter you are willing to type.

    Now see the No. of words typed in MS-WORD (see figure)

    Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - How to prepare for Hindi Typing without software
    Now, you can calculate Speed in Words per Minutes by [SPEED = NO. of Words / Time in Minutes]

    Using Typing Tutor Software:- One advantage of using some kind of Typing Software is that Typing Tutor Software mainly focuses on the Keymapping words to pick the keystrokes in mind and store these key hits in a short time and calculation of performance is managed by Typing Tutor Program.
                        There are many Hindi Typing Tutor is available in the market some are Paid but some are completely free of cost like Anop Hindi Typing Tutor. A detailed guide is available here.

    Important Things to Consider during Typing Exam
    1. Do not see the Computer screen of another competitor, This can waste your time and It can depress your Conscious Mind if your competitor is typing faster than you. So believe in yourself and Type at your own best speed with Higher Accuracy. 
    2. Check your physical keyboard all keys are working or not, before Starting the Hindi Typing Exam. Hit Window+R Button and Type all the keys and check keypress is working or not. It may take hardly 1 Minute and Typing in the "Run" box does not violate the exam rules. Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - Tips for Hindi Typing Exam
    3. Compare the keyboard provided you during the exam, Is the keyboard has "Enter Key" same as your own keyboard on which you have practice? (see the figure) 
      Anop Hindi Typing Tutor - Tips for Hindi Typing Exam
                  If you have found the difference then Be aware in typing the keypress "|" related letter. It can reduce your speed. So try to Type with care.