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Dear Users !!!

             We are very thankful to all of you that you have shown a great believe in "Anop Hindi Typing Tutor". That's why Anop Hindi Typing Tutor is became popular and Best Choice for User as Best and Free Hindi Typing Tutor in Today's Internet World.

            As you know that we share this Free Hindi Typing Tutor idea in offline and online mode which consist a collection of "Typing Tests" in Hindi. After getting feedback from Users who successfully learn the Typing in Hindi using Anop Hindi Typing Tutor. We have decided that a Module should be launched in which Users can send the Typing Tests Typed in "Devlys Font" which are created by Users himself on the basis of "For the Users By the Users".

So, If you are interested in sending the Typing Test created by you for sharing with all of the Users of Anop Hindi Typing Tutor. You can send the Test in Normal Text format (.txt or .doc or .docx) by email on "" .

Guideline for Hindi Typing Test sent by Users:
  1. Your Hindi Typing Test should be in "Devlys Font" only.
  2. Your Hindi Typing Test should be minimum 500 Words long (Approximate).
  3. Send Your "Name" and "Place". [If you want to publish the Typing Test with a proper Credit to you, We will Display your Name and Place.]
  4. Your Hindi Typing Test must not contain a copyright violated materials Texts.
  5. Your Hindi Typing Test must not contain Criminal/ Social Criticism / Adult material Text.

For the Users | By the Users

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