Tuesday, January 14, 2020

English Typing Lesson : How to Place Fingers on Keyboard?

 Let's Have a look on the following Figure to understand How to Place Fingers on Keyboard When we are going to Type English.
English Typing Lesson : How to Place Fingers on Keyboard?
Fig 01 - Placement of Fingers on Keyboard during Typing in English

Put your Fingers on "Home Row".

What is "Home Row"?
Home Row is Middle row of Keyboard with Alphabets { A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, etc}

Kindly Note that There are some emerged mark on Key { F } and { J } both, As shown in figure. It helps Typist to feel by Its Fingers and Identify the keys of the Home row without looking at Keyboard when Typist( Typist : Who are willing to Type) put their Fingers as Show in Figure 01 .

English Typing Lesson : Emerged Edge on Key F
Fig 02 - Emerged Edge/mark on Key 'F' 
So, Try to Feel the emerged edge on Keyboard and put your Fingers as below:-

Key F - Left Index Finger
Key J - Right Index Finger

Key D - Left Middle Finger
Key K - Right Middle Finger

Key S - Left Ring Finger
Key L - Right Ring Finger

Key A - Left Baby/Pinky or Little Finger
Key Colon/Semi Colon - Right Baby/Pinky or Little Finger

Put you Thumbs in a posture such that Thumbs can press "SPACE BAR" easily & gently.

If you facing difficulty related to Finger Name, Kindly See this Figure:-
(Wikipedia link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand)

English Typing Lesson : Hand Figure form wikipedia
Fig 03 - Hand Picture

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